One of these good days with the marathon in swinging reach

Tonight, ten days ahead of my spring marathon (@haspamarathonhamburg), during another track workout, I actually thought, wow, it´s making really fun – I was able to accomplish the task with a certain easiness – legs, core, arms, breath – every part in line and naturally knowing what to do. No need to ask for it. The tiredness in the legs from the training over last weeks is absorbed, digested and suddenly fast is easy.

Easter22Sure, it is supposed to be like this, but it is always sweet to surprise yourself and it rewards you for all the training over the last weeks – let´s call it the appetizers before the big day. I love it.

Yes, I am getting hungry to see what I am capable of over the magical distance of 42.195 km on April 23rd, 2017.

I wish you all a Happy Easter from Zürich!



Photo: Beat Ammann

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