I am happy! After my iron deficiency in spring I passed a difficult time. Today, I had fun, I felt good and strong – that’s what matters. Get into the rhythms and the joy of running. To make it perfect the sound of cowbells followed me along the race – watch out Swissies how incredible tiny it is…:-)

I finished 6th, which is great. 1:17:08 gives me a lot of room for improvement :-)!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for all the spectators for the support and the runners for the energizing atmosphere!




The birds view on the race course…

I arrived timely today from a conference in Reno. It was a great flight over Salt Lake City and later flying over the marathon course along the shore of Lake Superior.


After arrival, other runners and myself had to experience that the check-in luggage did not make it to Duluth. However, thanks to Mizuno I always have a extra pair of Hitogami´s stored at home. So, this time I had luck but now I definitely take the most important thinks (running gear of course:-) as hand luggage!

Ready for the race at 6:15 am, good night!


Getting excited…Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon

Less than 48 h and I will pin my bib number, tie my shoes properly and set my mind to run a half marathon.

21.195 km (13.1 Miles) along the scenic shores of Lake Superior and finishing in a pub downtown Duluth, Minnesota! It is the 25th edition of the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon – a half marathon taking place on the same day as the legendary Grandmas Marathon.  I am excited and look forward!

Let´s do it:-)

Yours Mona


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