Mona Stockhecke was born in 1983 and grew up in Hamburg, Germany. Although she finished her first marathon in Hamburg at the age of 18, it took her a while to find her way to the track and to athletics in general, when she joined her first Athletics Club in Zurich at the age of 26 in fall 2009.

Four years later all within seven months in 2014, Mona won the International Zurich Marathon, competed at the European Championships placing 22nd and finished again as the best German runner and 8th woman the Frankfurt Marathon with a new personal best of 2:33:51.

After traveling and diving in Latin America subsequent to high-school, she came back to Europe and studied Geography first in Hamburg and later in Zurich. Over the last six years, she devoted herself to science and, in specific to reconstruct from lake sediments past climate and environmental conditions on geological timescales.

Mona found the ideal balance to her work first in cycling and later in running as she enjoys nature and loves to be in action. Running turned into a bit more than an ambitious hobby over the last couple of years!



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