Education and scientific background


08/1990-06/1994              Preliminary School (Grundschule Walddörfer), Hamburg, Germany

08/1994-06/2003              High School (Gesamtschule Walddörfer), Hamburg, Germany

10/2004-04/2006              Undergraduate in Geography and Oceanography, University of Hamburg, Germany

05/2006-06/2007              Bachelor of Science in Geography, University of Zurich, Switzerland

07/2007-03/2009              Master of Science in Geography, University of Zurich, Switzerland

08/2009-07/2013              Doctor of Science, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

12/2013-01/2014                Visiting scientist, International Pacific Research Center, University of Hawaii

08/2013-12/2014                Postdoctoral research associate, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

02/2015-present                 Postdoctoral research associate, Large Lakes Observatory, University of Minnesota, US


Languages                           German, Spanish, English



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  1. Absolutely amazing your performance on the Frankfurt Marathon last week. I improved my record by 15sec/km after watching you that day. Thanks for being a source of inspiration.


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