You can’t fix a leaky roof while it’s still raining

Thank you all for your support, good wishes and concern after the Frankfurt Marathon. Yes, I dropped out. Not what I planned to do, and it certainly doesn’t bring up any good emotions. In short: The two antibiotic treatments for respiratory inflammation within the last 5 weeks finally caught up with me.

Everybody knows how hard it is to interpret the body’s signals in the two weeks before the marathon. I was clinically healthy and day by day feeling stronger and the side-effects seem to have nearly vanished. The training over the last 10 days wasn’t bad either. Surely these weeks were far from ideal race preparation but no reason not to give it a shot. I was excited and marathon-hungry.

The day before the race my mouth was a bit strange again and I was sweating an unusual amount. Don’t freak out – it´s just the funny pre-race sensations I was telling myself. We finally started and: My legs were simply powerless. My muscles were already burning strongly on a little uphill in the first few kilometers. We had already been running slightly slower than planned and I was prepared to push relatively hard to warm up on the 10K´s to get into the race. But it just got worse without even being halfway through. I had great support from my pacemaker.

Roger Königs (THANK YOU!!!) and also the spectators on the course were pushing me forward. However, nothing could change the fact: I was not able to perform and I did not want to challenge my body any longer than necessary. Thus, I stopped at the half marathon.

At the moment I am mentally worn out but I am taking this fall as a lesson and looking forward to my annual leave – it is overdue. My problem is manageable – my immune system is not back yet and naturally, it needs time to get the balance back though we often wish the situation would be different.

Congratulations to all the marathon finishers! It wasn´t an easy day and you made it!
Yours Mona

Thanks to Henri Salavard for the great shot!


Frankfurt Marathon – Attacka!

Frankfurt Marathon – Attacka!

Nach einer gesundheitlichen Achterbahnfahrt freue ich mich jetzt umsomehr auf den Start diesen Sonntag 29.10. 2017 um 10 Uhr am 36. Mainova Frankfurt Marathon. Dankend darf ich auf eine breite Unterstützung zurückblicken. Jetzt nochmal alle Energie tanken und Sonntag auspacken was in mir steckt!

Macht ordentlich Rambazamba am Streckenrand! Viel Glück wünsche ich allen Teilnehmern! Eure Mona


Ein zweites mal hatte ich die Ehre von dem Edelhaasen Steffen Uliczka bei dem Frankfurt Marathon begleitet zu werden: Es kann sich kaum einer vorstellen, was dass bekannte Lauftalent für Multitasking-Job auf höchsten Niveau über 150 Minuten mit einem Lächeln im Gesicht und Scherz auf der Zunge auf die Strasse gelegt hat. Körperlich, mental, sozial und emotional einfach grandiose Arbeit!

14958907_1194702893927652_652151980_oMit Freude kann ich diesem Haasen eine Goldschicht verpassen! Stresstest: “no problem” – da bleibt nur der frischgebackenen Familie alles Gute zu wünschen!

Ein riesen Dank für Euren Einsatz, Steffen und Elias!



Time to charge the batteries

Time to charge the batteries

…or for a change!?! Strolling through Frankfurt this morning observing that indeed things begin to change, however, ….

Next Sunday, in 5 days, passing this point, it´s all about mobilizing stored energies and demanding the superpower we prepared our bodies for over the last month!


Km36 – the blue line of the Marathon Frankfurt in focus; the “Festhalle” at a glance in the back –  it’s here where the 6km countdown begins!

Thus, I am absorbing all energies that once passing this mark, it screams to be released!

Looking forward,


It smells like fall marathon EVERYWHERE – Arrival in beloved Zürich!

If the best sportfotograph visit me in Zuerich....we have some fun!Dear Friends,

some insights in my life as a MULTI-HEIMATLERIN (multi-homeland flack) and MARATHON-ADDICT

(or practice your German skills – sorry!)

Grüsslie from Züri,


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