It smells like fall marathon EVERYWHERE – Arrival in beloved Zürich!

If the best sportfotograph visit me in Zuerich....we have some fun!Dear Friends,

some insights in my life as a MULTI-HEIMATLERIN (multi-homeland flack) and MARATHON-ADDICT

(or practice your German skills – sorry!)

Grüsslie from Züri,


May I present…..

Shoes copy

…this pair is nothing less than naturally made for the Festhalle in 11 days at the Frankfurt Marathon! Experiencing great workouts, checking the gear and channeling heaps of excitement towards the Day!

Are you getting ready as well?

Looking forward,


German-Swiss connection rules…

Maja Neuenschwander and myself after today’s session…oh no, already my last session on the track before heading back to Switzerland or let´s take it as an appetizer for the 2h long jog tomorrow –

Kenya power is in the air!


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