BMW BERLIN MARATHON 2017! It´s calling!

Yes, I will run the BWM BERLIN MARATHON!

A few insights from my training since spring….As different as every marathon preparation is this ongoing one: After an extensive break from running related to my spring marathon, I started up again with long road bicycle rides and decent times in the pool a couple of month ago. However, nothing can replace running. Thus, I increased the running every week and since a few weeks I am tying my running shoes almost every day twice – the marathon preparation is ongoing how it should and we want it. Alternative training on the bike or in the pool complements my training -this mental and physical recovery does well. So far, it is a great journey and it´s getting even better now approaching the BIG day in Berlin!

I am getting more and more excited – there are five and a half weeks until the BMW BERLIN MARATHON (@berlinmarathon) left. In other words, there is still another training block ahead with many opportunities to RUN every day my best to be in top shape on September 24th, 2017.

Dig deeper, having fun and enjoy the progress! Tie your shoes and get ready to run with us!!!!

BERLIN – ich freue mich auf Euch! BERLIN – I am looking forward!



Ps. Und nicht vergessen die Briefwahl zu beantragen, so dass wir alle ein entspannt gespanntes Wochenende in der Hauptstadt erleben!

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-13 at 13.15.52

©Beat Ammann

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