Launch the marathon-rocket…24 hours to go

Launch the marathon-rocket…24 hours to go

On a Sunday morning Hamburg turns into in a vibrating marathon spectacle (9 am CET/MEZ April 17th) almost like an good-old tradition since 30 years. The night owls are pushed away from the Reeperbahn and marathon runners conquer the streets. Along the harbor, the Alster and several other scenic areas are thousands of spectators prepared to cheer with either brunch, music or Bratwurst to all the 16.000 heroes of the days.

After two year abstinence running the marathon distance at the Haspa Marathon Hamburg I want to be part of this happening again.

I am gratefully equipped with MIZUNO running gear. It makes running simply more fun if the material is mega cozy and the shoes almost not recognizable!  Big thanks also to the organization and sponsors of the Haspa Hamburg -you effort for this sport is remarkable- and the Laufteam Haspa Hamburg providing a great opportunity to realize my running passion and hunt for the personal best every day. And even as important – there are many individuals supporting me around the globe every day – thank you team MonaJ!

I make the experience over and over again: Wherever I am, I end up having enriching conversations and interesting interactions across cultural boundaries throughout running – we are one world and we share one Earth!

The BEST and nothing else is Sunday my plan – Let´s make it happen!

Good luck!




Ps: At 8:50 am CET/MEZ does NDR report live from the race….,socialstream134.html


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