Cross in Iten, Kenya

Cross in Iten, Kenya

Since Wednesday I am in Iten, the running mecca in Kenya at high-altitude (2,400 m/7,900 ft a.s.l.). It is a small village – a quiet place and sweet to stay for several weeks if you have something on. It suits me extremely to focus well. The altitude force you to take the first couple of days very easy in terms of running. Every training is hard out here anyway. So, currently my being is about to build up a personal routine, to rest at fullest, to enjoy great nutrition and to get used to the dusty and bumpy roads as well as to the hilly terrain. And, if something exciting is going on to be there!

So, today a cross race took place downtown! Believe it or not – it was not by far as chaotic as I would have had imagined. In contrast,  it seemed quite organized and following the schedule few days before hand written on a paper and posted at the entrance of the village. However, the race office was still my favorite….a few impressions you can find in my gallery (!



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